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Let us take care of all your commercial and residential epoxy needs with a complete range of unmatched products to suit any application. We specialise in epoxy flooring Brisbane for your warehousecommercial site, or garage.

Our team will take care of your epoxy flooring needs from design to installation. We only use the best quality materials to ensure that you get an attractive and long-lasting floor with low maintenance costs.

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

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Residential & Commercial Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

Whether at your residence or your industrial or commercial site, we will custom-create an epoxy flooring solution for you. We understand that the prospect of putting in epoxy flooring may seem daunting, but with our professional services, the entire procedure can be painless.

Our expert technicians will manage the entire process and do all that is necessary to ensure that your epoxy flooring Brisbane service goes off without any problems.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Brisbane
Epoxy Garage Floors
An epoxy floor will give your garage a luxurious and professional appearance while also adding to the life and durability of the flooring.
Warehouse Epoxy Flooring Brisbane
Epoxy Warehouse Floors
Epoxy warehouse flooring is long-lasting and durable and ensures that your warehouse remains safe for use at all times.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Brisbane
Epoxy Commercial Floors
Epoxy floors are ideal for commercial spaces as they offer a high-quality finish and are low maintenance.

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The 9 Top Reasons Our Client's Choose Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

Epoxy flooring has advantages that are seen nowhere else, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular with residential and commercial customers. Some of the benefits provided by epoxy floors are:

Cost-Effective Material

Compared to removing and laying new floors, epoxy is a lower-cost option. You often do not even need to replace your flooring, as we can simply apply an epoxy coating over your current tile, concrete, or wood.

The maintenance costs are also very reasonable since epoxy flooring does not require much upkeep.

Our affordable epoxy services will give your floors the face-lift they need to look new – without breaking the budget.

Low-Maintenance Flooring

Epoxy will require very little upkeep and is highly durable, making it a low-maintenance option for your home or business. Epoxy flooring does not absorb dirt and grime like other surfaces do, which means that you can spend less time cleaning.

Cleaning an epoxy floor is simple. You can use damp mops or sweepers to clean the surface, and you can wash it repeatedly without worrying that it will be damaged, corrode, or wear away.

Resilient Surface

Epoxy is highly resistant to several hazards that would damage lesser floors, including:
You can use epoxy in areas that have frequent spills of oils or other solvents, such as garage flooring.
This flooring will not degrade as quickly as surfaces such as hardwood or linoleum. Normal wear and tear, such as shoe scuffing or rolling chairs, will not damage an epoxy floor.
A properly installed epoxy floor will not crack or chip under impact. It will also remain in pristine condition when tools or machinery are dropped on it.
The water-resistant nature of epoxy means that it is an ideal flooring option in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. The floor will not warp under even substantial water spillages, ensuring safety.
Even in non-climate controlled areas like garages and some warehouses, epoxy will not wear down or crack because of extreme heat.
You can also use heavy equipment like forklifts on an epoxy floor without worrying about damaging the surface.
Finally, because of its strength, your epoxy flooring will not fade or crack over time.

Stylish Floor

Epoxy provides a brilliant shine that makes it an eye-catching surface to have in any room. Light will bounce off the surface, meaning you need less lighting to give your space a bright, pleasant, clean look.

You can add colours, metallic coating, or quartz chips to create a stylish and luxurious look. And because you can lay it down with non-slip properties, it is a safe surface in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Further, epoxy will fill in any imperfections that may be present in your current floor, such as cracks or defects, which will give it an even more polished appearance.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Epoxy is a more environmentally sound option when compared to other commercial materials that are now available in Brisbane. It requires fewer materials than other flooring choices and, since it does not have to be replaced often, epoxy will reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Durable Solution

Epoxy is a rugged flooring option suitable for both commercial and residential use. It is resistant to water, oil, and mild chemicals, making it perfect for all spaces such as garages and warehouses.

Epoxy flooring is designed for wear resistance, which means that it will provide you with years of uncompromising service even in harsh environments.

An epoxy-coated floor is one of the most durable and long-lasting surfaces you can get for use anywhere, be it in your garage or warehouse. It lasts longer than wood, tile, or carpet, which adds to its cost-effectiveness.

Application Versatility

You can apply epoxy directly over concrete in your garage, warehouse, or office. It can be hand-scraped and polished to give the surface a high gloss and allow it to work as an insulating floor.

Furthermore, covering a dust-creating surface like concrete with epoxy will reduce the spread of dust particles throughout a work or home environment.

Safety Conscious

The epoxy finish is adaptable to your needs, which means it can be applied to create a non-slip surface. You can rest easy knowing that your employees, customers, or family will be safe from trips, slips, and falls on an epoxy floor.

Further, the brightness of epoxy means that you do not need as much light to make a space well-lit. This means occupants can see better, which reduces the risk of accidents.

Vehicle Compatibility

Because an epoxy floor is so practical, strong, and protective, it is the favoured choice of car and truck owners and businesses that frequently drive on their flooring. We can make your epoxy floor to be non-slip, making it perfect for garage floors where you park and work on your vehicles.

Additionally, epoxy has a high resistance to oil and chemicals, which means that spills do not penetrate the surface – saving you money on damaged equipment or ruined flooring.

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Our Epoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy Garage Flooring Brisbane

Some people consider epoxy to be the perfect flooring type for their garage.

Because of its strength and toughness, epoxy resists oil, gasoline, and chemical corrosion, which means it is an ideal flooring option in garages where leaks and spills may occur.

Clean-up is also a breeze, as epoxy floors can be easily swept or washed down with water. This means there’s no need to get an expensive chemical degreaser.

The weight of cars and trucks is not enough to damage epoxy, which is one of the most durable flooring surfaces you can get for your garage. You can drive on and off the floor over and over again without fear of it cracking, breaking, or having its finish scratched

Additionally, with an anti-slip surface, the epoxy garage floor is ideal for use by car and truck owners. You can move and work in your garage with confidence that you will not slip and fall on a wet surface.

Plus, with epoxy coating, you can transform a garage from a simple place to house your vehicle into a beautiful, functional room that’s suited to all of your family’s needs. Whether you use it as a workshop, an entertainment area, or as a place to enjoy your hobbies, the possibilities are practically limitless. Bright and shiny floors are inviting, and they will make your garage feel larger and more open.

Another great thing is that you can apply epoxy directly onto concrete, which means you don’t need to purchase other flooring materials before coating your garage floor. Also, there are no worries that you will damage the underlying flooring structure because epoxy creates a protective barrier.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

Epoxy floors are ideal in many commercial applications.

This flooring can be used in hospitals, kitchens, schools, waiting rooms, and other locations where you want to create a safe working environment. This is because epoxy has non-slip properties and is naturally resistant to water, food, chemicals, and oil spills.

It’s exceptionally durable in areas with high rates of foot traffic, which means it’s perfect for retail stores. The continuous flow of retail customers can damage some types of flooring, but the epoxy finish is tough enough to protect against injury.

Also, the easy-to-clean nature of the surface makes it an excellent choice for food preparation areas. A clean floor prevents food contamination and helps ensure health inspections are successful.

Epoxy also has a long lifespan, so businesses that are conscious about the return on investment of their flooring will love it. Because epoxy is resistant to damage from chemicals, water, and heat, it will last decades without needing replacing.

The durability of epoxy is particularly advantageous in industries where facilities are prone to damage caused by heavy equipment, machinery, and other factors. Epoxy is also resistant to impact, so it holds up well to repetitive stress or anything dropped onto it accidentally. These are no match for epoxy, which will stay strong throughout the process.

Epoxy floors are also extremely useful in a commercial enterprise because they are highly reflective. This means that the business needs to use less energy to light the room than with a different flooring surface, such as carpet.

Furthermore, this property provides an appearance of a room much larger than it actually is. This is great for making smaller business spaces more inviting to clients.

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

Epoxy is a fantastic flooring choice for industrial spaces such as warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing plants. It is becoming ever more popular in warehouse and factory environments because it can be designed to suit specific needs.

If you need an anti-slip surface to accommodate the safety needs of your employees, epoxy can do this. If you need a tough flooring option or if you plan to move large, heavy equipment around the warehouse floor regularly, epoxy can do this, too. And if you want strong wear resistance for one or multiple chemical environments that could cause other types of flooring to deteriorate quickly, then epoxy is perfect.

Epoxy’s exceptional durability means it’s ideal for damp areas such as loading docks, delivery areas, and other places where water or chemical spills may occur. It also protects against damage from forklifts, heavy equipment, harsh cleaning chemicals, and much more.

This type of flooring is resistant to impact, so it can withstand the weight of any vehicle coming into contact with it. And because epoxy coatings are non-porous, they won’t absorb liquids or chemicals. This means that your workers can operate on the floor without damaging it.

Epoxy is a low-maintenance flooring choice because it doesn’t require much waxing, buffing, or polishing to maintain the look of the surface. Its superior durability also means that it can last for years without resurfacing.

Because epoxy is such a versatile flooring option, it’s perfect for warehouses and industrial spaces. And because it can be designed to fit specific needs, you won’t need to worry about having the wrong kind of flooring in your warehouse or factory.

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We are Brisbane’s premier epoxy flooring company. We know what works, and we’ll work with you to design the perfect custom epoxy floor for your space, no matter how big or small. And we offer free consultations and onsite estimations so that we can help determine which type of flooring is best suited to your residential or business needs.

With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, our epoxy flooring Brisbane technicians will work hard for you. We take our job seriously and understand the importance of a long-lasting, highly durable surface that is customised to your specific situation.

Because we are so good at what we do, we can offer faster and more affordable service than our competitors. Bonded, licensed, and insured, we are the epoxy flooring professionals that Brisbane trusts.

Of course, our floors offer much more than quick installation and low maintenance costs. They are anti-slip, UV resistant, chemical resistant, impact-resistant, and are made to meet all applicable safety standards.

When you call our epoxy flooring Brisbane company, you will experience the difference that comes from working with experienced professionals who care about your needs and budget.

Whether you are searching for general information on epoxy flooring, looking for a quote for your project, or are interested in booking a free consultation, we are here to help. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to provide you with the information and service you need.

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No one in the Brisbane area is more prepared to tackle your epoxy flooring project. We are experienced, professional, and dependable.

Our design team will explain all your options and work with you to choose the perfect epoxy flooring Brisbane solution. We want you to be happy with both the quality and appearance of your flooring, so we only use the best epoxy materials.

We can quickly complete our epoxy flooring process, even if it’s a big project. We will keep the space clean and safe during installation and provide all necessary cleaning equipment for after our work is done, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Whether you are looking for an epoxy floor for your business or home, our experts are here to help. We want you to be satisfied with your investment in the long term, which is why we thoroughly inspect every project before it begins. Only then do we give you a quote.

And we will stick to our estimate. You can rest assured that the cost of your epoxy flooring will not change.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you know that you’re getting an exceptional product for the best possible price. That’s because we do not consider the job done until you are happy with the results.

Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

Our business is family-owned and operated, so we treat our customers like members of our own family. We don’t want you just to be satisfied; we want you to be thrilled with your experience.

And this is why Brisbane trusts us to work on their homes, garages, industrial spaces, warehouses, commercial venues, and manufacturing facilities. They know that when they contact us for help, their needs will be heard and respected.

That’s why customers return time and again to us for epoxy flooring Brisbane. Hundreds of your friends, neighbours, and favourite businesses have already discovered what we can do for them, and we’d love to work with you, too.

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Epoxy Flooring FAQ

Q: What different types of epoxy floors are there?

There are many kinds of epoxy floors, some of which are described below:

  • Self-levelling epoxy. An easy-to-apply epoxy that creates a smooth surface with minimal to no sloping. It is an affordable epoxy floor that provides a sleek, finished look.
  • High-build epoxy. A 100% solids epoxy that is incredibly durable. Even if your warehouse or factory experiences heavy foot traffic, you can get up to 20 years of use from it.
  • Quartz epoxy. An attractive look that combines coloured quartz with the resin so that you get a hygienic and durable surface that looks high-end.
  • Electrostatic Discharge epoxy. Because it is made from a special resin that has been designed to be anti-static, this epoxy floor offers additional safety benefits to those who work where the risk of electrical discharge or fire is high.
  • Mortar epoxy. This is the most resilient and tough epoxy floor available, used in areas where resistance to impact or chemicals is critical.
  • Metallic and Flake epoxy. Two epoxy coatings that combine durability and beauty, offering rich colour and permanent flakes or metallic flecks that last. These floors add texture and depth to your space.

Q: How long before you can walk on epoxy floors?

How long epoxy takes to set depends on the type of epoxy used and its thickness. However, in general, a timeline might look like this:

  • 0-12 hours. Stay entirely off the floor because of the risk of damaging the finish and ruining the epoxy floor. The epoxy is uncured at this time and very susceptible to disruption.
  • 12-24 hours. Walking on the floor is okay if absolutely necessary, but you should not bring equipment or heavy items into the area. Do not drag objects across the floor as they may harm the surface.
  • 24-48/72 hours. Light activities like rolling carts and small trucks are okay, but the floor is not yet ready for unlimited use. Wait just a little longer before you bring in your forklift or heavy machinery.
  • 48/72 hours and on. At this point, the epoxy should be cured completely and ready for use. You can begin to use the floor as intended, as it is at its maximum toughness and flexibility.

Again, depending on the brand and thickness of epoxy, the timeframe may be different. Our epoxy flooring specialists will tell you exactly how long it takes for your new epoxy floor to cure fully.

Q: How long does it take to install an epoxy flooring system?

Installation time depends on the type of epoxy and the size of the area.

For example, a simple installation of basic epoxy on a garage floor might take just a day or two, whereas a large warehouse will probably have an area of several thousand square feet and thus take longer.

Further, preparation such as grinding, stain removal, and priming will also take time. Our team can provide you with a more accurate timeline once we have seen the location and understand what work you want to do.

Also, the more layers of epoxy that are added, the more time this will take. If the job requires a primer, mid-coat, and top-coat, it will undoubtedly take longer than just a basic epoxy application.

Further, a coloured quartz floor will take a day or two longer to apply than a simple thin epoxy coat.

That said, on average, you should expect it to take two or three days to lay your new epoxy flooring.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for epoxy floor installation?

In order to put in an epoxy floor, you need the underlying surface to be clean, dry, and solid.

This means you will want to remove all items from the top of the surface, sweep and vacuum it clean, and remove any discolourations or grease stains with solvents as needed. The spots don’t have to be gone entirely, but the oily areas should no longer bead water. A thorough scrubbing is often required to remove stubborn stains.

The floor should also have all cracks, holes, and other damage filled with a suitable compound before applying the epoxy. Patching is a critical part of floor preparation because it ensures the epoxy bonds completely to the surface and doesn’t leave gaps for moisture and dirt to get caught inside.

The final part of the preparatory work is roughing the surface to ensure the epoxy adheres well. This can be done via acid washing/etching, diamond grinding, or shot blasting.

Acid etching is low cost and works well for smaller projects. Grinding is particularly effective for older or damaged floors. Blasting is also suitable for floors that have seen significant wear and damage.

Our team can work with you to determine what preparation you want to do yourself and what we should do for you. We will ensure all the proper materials and equipment are on your site so we can perform the job as efficiently as possible.

Q: Can you apply epoxy flooring in extreme temperatures?

To get the best result from your epoxy application, you do not want it applied in extreme temperatures.

On the low end, you should not install epoxy in temperatures 12°C or below because this will slow down the chemical reaction that allows curing. Hence, if you don’t wait for the temperature to go up, it’s going to take a lot longer than anticipated to be able to use the floor.

On the upper end, 30°C is considered a high limit because the heat makes the epoxy cure faster – thus, becoming tacky and more challenging to lay down smoothly. This can result in a floor that is less functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The good news is that Brisbane’s excellent temperature profile means you can have your epoxy installed in almost any season. So, whenever you call us, we can install your new epoxy flooring, and you can start enjoying it right away.

Q: How do you avoid epoxy floors blistering and peeling?

You can read horror stories about how people tried to install epoxy floors themselves and ended up with blistering or peeling of the floor coating. That is why we strongly recommend professional installation services such as those we provide.

We have decades of experience and understand how to properly prepare the surface for an excellent outcome.

And this is crucial because most of the reasons that epoxy peels or blisters revolve around a poor preparation of the underlying surface.

You need to have a porous surface that the epoxy can adhere to and create a strong bond. If your acid etching or diamond grinding did not appropriately roughen up the floor, the epoxy might not get the bite it needs.

Similarly, if there is oil, grease stains, or acid etch residue, the epoxy will fail to bond properly with the surface and eventually peel off.

The surface also needs to be completely dry – otherwise, moisture vapour can push against the epoxy and cause it to blister.

Finally, weak or soft concrete does not adhere well to epoxy. Over time, it can cause problems with the epoxy pulling away from the flooring.

Q: How do you determine which epoxy product is best for floors?

Our skilled technicians are highly trained and able to recommend the best epoxy for your needs, whether your job is residential, commercial, or industrial. The final choice will depend on the surface area to be covered, the type of underlying flooring, the budget, and the expected use and wear of the floor.

However, we do use some rules of thumb when evaluating a floor.

For example, water-based epoxy is thinner and less durable than other epoxies. Although it is cheaper and easier to work with, it will not last as long or stand up to any serious wear and tear.

A two-part system is a proper epoxy, unlike a one-part system. The two parts of resin and hardener are important and result in superior adhesion, durability, and chemical resistance.

100% solids epoxy is another option we often recommend. These do not have any solvents like xylene. These are harder to apply and need adequate ventilation, but they result in the strongest, most durable finish possible.

Q: How long does an epoxy floor last?

How long an epoxy floor lasts is dependent on many factors, such as the type of epoxy installed, how much traffic goes through the area, and what kind of wear your floor will see. On average, an epoxy floor should last about ten years. However, a stronger epoxy in a low-traffic area may last up to 25 years.

Of course, a lightweight epoxy on a floor that receives regular chemical insults or a lot of traffic may last only about three to five years. Finding the right balance between cost and quality is key, which is where our expert epoxy flooring technicians can help.

Q: Do epoxy floors scratch easily?

No, epoxy is a durable, scratch-resistant surface. Epoxy floors are known for being tough and resistant to damage.

Because epoxy is a polymer resin and hardener, it creates a highly resilient plastic that is slow to degrade. It bonds tightly to the underlying flooring and can withstand pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Further, additional topical coatings may be applied over the epoxy to add further scratch resistance. This makes epoxy flooring an excellent choice for garages, industrial settings, warehouses, and other areas where you would likely sustain damage to lesser floors.

Q: Are our epoxy floors worth the investment?

If you are looking for a durable, attractive flooring option that is easy to clean and maintain, then epoxy floors are a good choice. They offer many benefits, such as being resistant to chemicals, scratch-resistant, and offering an added measure of safety. With their affordable price tag, epoxy floors are well worth it..

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